Ageing exhibition halls and bad lighting shouldn’t put you off the idea of visiting this absorbing collection, which begins with a ground-floor display of items brought home by Croatian explorers, including ritual masks from the Congo, Indian textiles, tree-bark paintings from Australia and Chinese ceremonial dresses. Upstairs is an extensive display of Croatian folk costumes covering all regions of the country, together with domestic artefacts and agricultural implements. Colourful, well-staged temporary exhibitions provide additional reason to visit.

Venue details

  • Address:

    Ethnographic Museum
    Trg Ivana Mažuranića 14

  • Phone number:

    +385 1 48 26 220

  • Website:

  • Opening hours:

    10am-6pm Tue-Thur; 10am-1pm Fri-Sun

  • Transport:

    Trams 12, 13, 14 & 17 to Trg Mažuranića

  • Price:

    15kn, 10kn reductions