Tucked away in a residential street just beyond Kvaternikov trg, the ‘World of Strip’ is a one-room temple to the art of the comic book. Every inch of available wall space is covered with blow-ups of well-known cartoon characters and comic front pages, while table-side bookshelves are packed with magazines that you are free to browse. There’s a special section devoted to Alan Ford, the accident-prone American secret agent (actually dreamt up by Italian writer Max Bunker) who became a cult in the former Yugoslavia and remains the cornerstone of much local humour. Acoustic gigs and jam sessions are organised at weekends.

Venue details

  • Address:

    Svijet Stripa
    Ožegovića 5

  • Opening hours:

    7am-midnight Mon-Sat; 9am-11pm Sun

  • Transport:

    Tram 4, 11 & 12 to Kvaternikov trg