The growth of Zagreb’s new business district along Radnička cesta is provoking something of a shake-up in the gastro world – there’s increasing demand for a more varied choice of high-level cuisine, but also a growing need for the fast, bistro-style fare that suits busy go-ahead business types. Les Ponts, the latest venture from the superb Herzegovinian restaurant Mostovi just up the road, is a highly successful stab at meeting both requirements. Situated below the Green Gold centre and boasting the kind of minimalist-but-swanky decor that suits the location, Les Ponts focuses squarely on French, or at least French-influenced Mediterranean, fare. There’s a lot in the way of fresh Adriatic seafood, but the treatment – complete with sauces and accompanying vegetables that you won’t find in your average Dalmatian konoba – carries a pronounced Parisian flourish. Bouillabaisse, snails and quiche also feature; and the meaty side of the menu runs to rabbit and duck. On-the-move customers are kept happy with a well-chosen mixture of quick-fix snacks, with eggs Benedict and baguette sandwiches leading the way.

Venue details

  • Address:

    Les Ponts
    Radnička cesta 50

  • Phone number:

    +385 1 64 43 607

  • Website:

  • Opening hours:

    7am-midnight Mon-Sat

  • Transport:

    All trams to Radnička cesta

  • Credit Cards accepted:

    AmEx, DC, MC, V