Located just two blocks south of the main square, Lemon is another spot that seems to illustrate a move back into the centre for the club scene. During the day it is a chic café. A wooden bar with glass shelves display whiskeys. Purple-and-orange-swirl patterns are hung on the walls. Cocktails run in the 40kn range. The dance floor is a narrow and raucous space downstairs. DJs spin RnB, or a crowd-pleasing cross-genre mash-up. Entry is frequently free.


Venue details

  • Address:

    Lemon Bar & Club
    Gajeva 10

  • Phone number:

    +385 99 482 0800

  • Website:


  • Opening hours:

    9:30am-midnight Mon, Tue; 9:30am-4am Wed; 9:30am-2am Thur; 9:30am-5am Fri, Sat

  • Transport:

    All trams to main square

  • Credit Cards accepted:

    AmEx, DC, MC, V