Zagreb: Getting there and around

  • Railway station, Zagreb

    © Fumie Suzuki/Time Out

    © Fumie Suzuki/Time Out

Zagreb’s Pleso airport (060 320 320, is 17km south-east of the city. Airport buses (01 63 31 999,; 30mins journey time; 30kn) run to the main bus station every half-hour 7am-8pm daily, then after each flight. To the airport, buses run every half-hour, 4.30am-9am Mon-Wed & Fri (from 5am Thur, Sat, Sun) and then 10am, when it resumes the every-half-hour schedule until 8pm. A taxi should cost around 200kn.

Tram Nos.2 and 6 run three stops from the bus station to the train station, Glavni kolodvor. The No.6 passes through Jelačić, the city’s crossing point. The network now runs on a smartcard system, although paper tickets (12kn from kiosks) are also available. There is also a four-line network of night trams.

Most appointments in the city centre are walkable – buses serve outlying areas. Going south, many set off from the suburban side of the train station. For all fares and routes, see

Taxis are picked up from ranks such as the station and just off Jelačić. The standard rate is hefty: 19kn plus 7kn per kilometre, hiked up 20 per cent 10pm-5am, Sundays and holidays. Luggage is charged at 3kn per piece. The main taxi firms are Eko Taxi (01 1414;, Cammeo (01 1212;, and Radio task Zagreb (01 17 77;