• Konoba Bako, Komiža

    © Carly Calhoun/Time Out

    © Carly Calhoun/Time Out
  • Konoba Bako, Komiža

    © Vanda Vucicevic/Time Out

    © Vanda Vucicevic/Time Out

On a terrace just above the sea, the friendly beachside Bako provides some of the fancier meals in Komiža while exuding a relaxed atmosphere. There is gorgeous beachside seating, with tables intermingled with pine trees and tall lamps. Inside, sit amid ancient Greek and Roman artefacts recovered from the deep by the restaurant’s founder, Tonko Borčić Bako, who dove here for decades. A simple menu includes fresh langouste lobsters, grilled, broiled or served in brodet Dalmatian stew.

Venue details

  • Address:

    Konoba Bako
    Gundulićeva 1

  • Phone number:

    +385 21 713 742

  • Website:


  • Opening hours:

    Summer 4pm-2am daily. Winter 5pm-midnight daily

  • Credit Cards accepted:

    AmEx, DC, MC, V