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Archaeological museum

Established in 1846, the Archaeological Museum‘s extensive and well-labelled collection covers three floors, beginning with the Early Stone Age. The section on ancient Egypt includes sarcophagi, statues and jewellery: the 4th-century-BC Zagreb Mummy, wrapped in a shroud bearing rare Etruscan texts, is the museum’s coup de grâce and shouldn’t be missed. Other highlights include the…

10am-6pm Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat; 10am-8pm Thur; 10am-1pm Sun
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Art Pavilion

Created for the Millennial exhibition in Budapest in 1896, this impressive, iron-framed building was then shipped back to Zagreb, where it centrepieces Tomislav square facing the train station. It still regularly hosts major art exhibitions.

11am-7pm Tue-Sat; 10am-1pm Sun
Trg kralja Tomislava 22 More info
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Botanical Gardens

Just west of the train station and forming the east-west arm of the Green Horseshoe, these lovely gardens were founded in 1889. The first plantings took place in 1892. Since, the 4.7 hectares (11.6 acres), dominated by an English-style arboretum, and containing rock gardens, lily-pad-covered ponds, symmetrical French-inspired flowerbeds and ten glasshouses (closed to the…

Apr-Oct 9am-2.30pm Mon, Tue; 9am-7pm Wed-Sun
Botanical Gardens, Marulićev trg 9A More info

Croatian Architecture Museum

Founded in 1995, this useful resource houses thousands of items relating to Croatian architecture from the late 1800s to the present day, though has no permanent display. It occasionally hosts temporary exhibitions, lectures and discussions.

Varies according to event
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Croatian Art Photo Club

CroArt is part photo exhibition space and part café. Leather couches are set among display cases of old cameras (the door handle is also shaped like a camera), while each of the tables serves as glass-topped photo exhibit. It’s a popular downtown coffee-drinking spot in the daytime; wine, rakija and Fischer’s on tap take over…

8am-11pm Mon-Sat
Gajeva 25 More info
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Croatian Association of Artists

Visit for the building alone, a circular pavilion standing in the middle of Victims of Fascism Square a ten-minute walk south-east of the main square. The building was designed by sculptor Ivan Meštrović just before World War II as an exhibition space in honour of the then Yugoslav King Peter I. Inside, the circular walls contain three…

11am-7pm Wed-Fri; 10am-6pm Sat, Sun
Trg žrtava fašizma More info

Croatian History Museum

Situated in the Baroque-era Oršić-Kulmer Palace, the Croatian History Museum does not have a permanent display but hosts a seasonally changing programme of themed exhibitions, frequently touching on the salient points of Croatian history.

10am-6pm Mon-Fri; 10am-1pm Sat, Sun
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Croatian Museum of Naive Art

Housed on the second floor of the 18th-century Raffay Palace, this collection is a solid introduction to Croatian Naive Art, mostly the work of self-taught peasant painters from the villages of the east. The collection is frequently rotated but there are usually plenty of representations of rural life executed by the big names of the…

10am-6pm Tue-Fri; 10am-1pm Sat, Sun
Sv Ćirila i Metoda 3 More info

Croatian Natural History Museum

As important a scientific institute as it is a public attraction, this museum holds exhibits including rocks and minerals from around the globe, many on permanent display. Look out for the section on prehistoric Krapina man, one of the most significant of its kind. The zoological collection features the fauna of Croatia. There’s a botanical…

10am-5pm Tue, Wed, Fri; 10am-8pm Thur; 10am-7pm Sat; 10am-1pm Sun
Demetrova 1 More info

Croatian Post & Telecommunications Museum

In the same building as the post office but entered from around the corner, this museum is an oft-overlooked iittle gem. You won’t want to arrange your day around it but if you happen to be walking by, take a moment to check out the old stamps, antique phones, post boxes, postal uniforms and telegraph…

10am-2pm Mon-Wed, Fri; 10am-6pm Thur
Jurišićeva 13 More info
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