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Archaeological Museum

On the other side of the National Theatre stands the Archaeological Museum where key historical finds from the nearby Roman capital of Salona are the main draw: mosaics, sarcophagi and such like. The displays cover the Greek and Roman periods, as well as pagan and medieval. All in all, a worthy attraction a shortish walk…

June-Sept 9am-2pm, 4-8pm Mon-Sat. Oct-May 9am-2pm, 4-8pm Mon-Fri; 9am-2pm Sat
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Diocletian’s Palace
Critics choice

Some 1,700 years on, the Emperor Diocletian would still recognise his palace – or the shell of it, at least. This vast, rectangular complex fell into disuse in the sixth century, 300 years after its construction as a grand retirement home by the locally born leader of the Imperial Guard. In AD 614 refugees flooded…

24hrs daily
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Ethnographic Museum

Underrated and little visited attraction in the heart of the palace, but well worth the effort of cutting into your holiday time for. This century-old museum focuses on the traditions of the Dalmatian region, most notably its crafts and trades. Note the delicately carved ceramics and beautifully embroidered costumes in the reconstructed rooms of typical…

June-Sept 9:30am-7pm Mon-Sat, 10am-1pm Sun; Oct-May 9am-4pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat
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Standing near the Meštrović Gallery, and also converted – from a 16th-century summer house – by the famous sculptor himself, this is where you’ll find the most satisfying of all his works, a series of 28 reliefs carved out of wood loosely illustrating the life of Christ. You’ll notice touches of folk art, Modernism and…

May-Sept 9am-7pm Tue-Sun. Oct-Apr 9am-4pm Tue-Sat, 10am-3pm Sun
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Katedral Sveti Duje
Critics choice

Once the site of Diocletian‘s mausoleum, and still guarded by a granite sphinx from ancient Egypt, this octagonal building was converted into a church by the refugees from Salona. Through the Middle Ages, it was given finely carved doors, an equally beautiful pulpit and eventually a belltower offering a panoramic view of the palace. The…

8am-7pm Mon-Sat; after mass on Sun
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Meštrović‡ Gallery

Probably the most rewarding of Split‘s cultural attractions is Ivan Meštrović‘s own Gallery, a neo-classical villa built by the man himself in 1931. Not only does it display the range of work created by Croatia’s most renowned sculptor – statues large and small, even portraits – and its influences (Classical, folk, Modernist), but it tells…

May-Sept 9am-7pm Tue-Sun. Oct-Apr 9am-4pm Tue-Sat; 10am-3pm Sun
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Split City Museum

This museum in the heart of the palace is mostly worth visiting for the 15th-century Gothic building itself rather than for the sundry paintings and weaponry within. You’ll also find photographs, documents, maps and old papers but the permanent collection appeals more to historians than offer someone from the general public a rough idea how…

May-Oct 9am-4pm Mon, Sat, Sun; 9am-9pm Tue-Fri. Nov-Apr 9am-5pm Tue-Fri; 9am-1pm Sat; 10am-1pm Sun
Papalić Palace, Papalićeva 1 More info

Split Gallery of Fine Arts
Critics choice

The major cultural opening – in fact, re-opening – in town for many years, this attractive collection of art from the Adriatic region includes pieces by leading figures from modern times, most notably Vlaho Bukovac, as well as works as far back as the Renaissance. There is contemporary stuff too, paintings and photographs, to lend…

June-Sept 11am-4pm Mon; 11am-7pm Tue-Fri; 11am-3pm Sat. Oct-May 9am-2pm Mon, 9am-5pm Tue-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat.
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Split Zoo

Nicely located on Marjan hill, this low-key attraction offers something to take the kids to Split. It’s more of a farm than a fully blown zoological garden as you’d find in Zagreb, but the sundry domestic creatures – birds of prey, wolves – provide a mildly diverting hour or two.

May-mid Aug 8am-8pm daily. Mid Aug-mid Sept 8am-7pm daily. Mid Sept-mid Oct, last 2wks Mar 8am-6pm daily. 1st 2wks Mar, last 2wks Oct 8am-5pm daily. Nov-Jan 8am-4pm daily
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Statue of Grgur Ninski

This major landmark stands just outside the northern wall of the Diocletian’s Palace. It depicts Grgur Ninski (Gregory of Nin) in a characteristic pose, book in hand – this medieval clergyman was an early pioneer and promoter of the Slavic language for use in church. Renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović was responsible for this imposing figure,…

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