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Academia Ghetto Club

The most bohemian of the bars in the palace, the AGC comprises a front courtyard, a small bar leading to a muralled main room with a vaguely erotic theme (‘Welcome to the House of Love’), and an upstairs gallery, open according to event. Arty locals mingle with tourists happy to hear reliably good music. It…

9am-midnight Mon-Sat
Dosud 10 More info

Art Lounge Bar Closed

Bringing the outdoors indoors is one way of describing this enormous space. In effect, it’s a courtyard, with parts of the buildings that used to face it used as extra gallery space, The overall effect is impressive. From the orange-themed upper floors you can sit and enjoy your coffee or cocktail looking through the chrome…

8am-midnight Mon-Sat; 10am-2am Sun
Šubićeva 3 More info

Ave Closed

Excellent funky little bar, this – if you can find it. Rodrigina is the narrow street in the north-west corner of the palace. Either cut through the faux-Roman Divus bar on busy Bosanska, whose back door leads to Rodrigina, or turn left at the end of Majstora Jurja. Boutique and arty, with unusual pictures of…

8am-midnight Mon-Thur, Sun; 8am-2am Fri, Sat
Rodrigina 4 More info
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Critics choice

One of the many Old Town bars you really want to find again, this DJ den is set on an unmapped square just behind Iza Lože and the youngsters sinking cheap cocktails at Gaga. Bifora brings a giggly clientele to a dim space whose mural depicts red-spotted mushrooms and grinning pixies. Alternatively, get yourself a…

7pm-1am Mon-Sat
Bernardov prilaz/Poljana stare Gimnazije More info

Clo Bar

A recent venture from the former manager of Hedonist, Clo Bar is one of the more promising café-club venues to appear of late, with a spacious, well-designed interior that lends itself perfectly to a relaxing spot of coffee-sipping during the day, and more raucous DJ-fuelled fun at night. A good deal of thought and creativity…

7am-2am Mon-Thur, Sun; 8am-2am Fri & Sat
Domovinskog rata 104B More info


Locals would class this as a restaurant and it serves food, to be sure. They would also called it the ‘Tre Volte’, after the arches overlooking the sea, the main reason for coming here in the first place. To find it, mount the steps by the sphinx at Peristil, cut through the vestibule with the…

7am-1am daily
Dosud 9/Alješina More info


Located just above Figa on the stepped alleyway that is Dosud – indeed it’s well-nigh impossible to tell where the outdoor terrace of Figa ends and Fluid begins in summer, when loud music blaring from one bar mashes into the beats emerging from the other. Step inside Fluid and you’ll find a snug red-brick bar…

Mar-Dec 9am-midnight daily
Dosud 1 More info


Just behind Narodni trg, Gaga is a permanently busy cocktail bar filling a tiny old square (check out the authentically retro barber’s signs) with a young, party atmosphere. Cocktails, the only drink served from the counter set up outside, are dangerously cheap. Inside a standard interior, loud mainstream music keeps beer drinkers from too much…

8am-2am daily
Iza Loža 5 More info

Hemingway Bar Split

Upmarket chain Hemingway has taken over the long-established Tribu, down by the sea near the Poljud stadium. As well as a new name, the venue has had a complete makeover. A large central bar is complemented by an equally large and chic interior, plus an outdoor area. It’s a huge space to fill, but Hemingway…

10am-midnight Mon-Thur, Sun; 8am-4am Fri-Sat
Osmih Mediteranskih igara 5 More info
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Marcvs Marvlvs Spalatensis Library Bar

A library/bar in the heart of Split’s Diocletian palace, it is said that famous renaissance writer/philosopher Marko Marulic, known as the father of Croatian literature, was born in this house. The building retains many of its 15th century features, and is an interesting place to sip a drink and browse a vast collection of books to an…

Papalićeva ulica 4, Split More info
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