Art Café

Something of a local favourite due to its outside-the-Old-Town location, this pop-art masterpiece boasts psychedelic comic-book murals, glow-in-the-dark tables and gaudily coloured bar stools. Out on the wedge-shaped terrace, settees made out of bathtubs provide the perfect place to relax over a choice of rakijas (13kn) and a long menu of smoothies (25-30kn)….

10am-2am daily
Branitelja Dubrovnika 25 More info

Art Hotel

Opened in 2005 in a tastefully renovated factory building and now part of the Best Western group, the four-star Art offers 36 spacious rooms, large beds and modern facilities including a gym. There is a small gym and a wellness centre featuring sauna, steam bath and massage treatments.  …

Ulica Slobode 41 More info

Art Hostel Like

Not so much a backpacker joint as a budget design hotel, Like stands out in the Zagre b hostel scene on account of the  high number of doubles and family rooms in relation to bunk-bed dorms. Located on the second floor of a reasonably central block, rooms are decked out in minimalist white with  flat-screen TVs and  abstract art on the walls. Some come with a mezzanine floor onto which a couple more mattresses can be squeezed; perfect for groups…

Vlaška 44, Zagreb More info

Art Pavilion

Created for the Millennial exhibition in Budapest in 1896, this impressive, iron-framed building was then shipped back to Zagreb, where it centrepieces Tomislav square facing the train station. It still regularly hosts major art exhibitions….

11am-7pm Tue-Sat; 10am-1pm Sun
Trg kralja Tomislava 22 More info

Art Public Bar

There’s a sign reading ‘Irish Pub’ over the arched alleyway that leads to this nugget of a bar, although everyone in Rovinj knows it as ‘Art’. A good place for a quiet drink on weekdays, when it fills up with customers from across the age spectrum, and good-naturedly rowdy come the weekends, it’s the kind of place that’s popular with locals all year round and pays little heed to the seasonal ebb and flow of that tourist trade. The re…

11am-midnight daily
Carrera 88A More info

Ethnographic Museum

Ageing exhibition halls and bad lighting shouldn’t put you off the idea of visiting this absorbing collection, which begins with a ground-floor display of items brought home by Croatian explorers, including ritual masks from the Congo, Indian textiles, tree-bark paintings from Australia and Chinese ceremonial dresses. Upstairs is an extensive display of Croatian folk costumes covering all regions of the country, together with domestic arte…

10am-6pm Tue-Thur; 10am-1pm Fri-Sun
Trg Ivana Mažuranića 14 More info

Gallerion Naval Museum

Around the corner from the city harbour, Gallerion is dedicated to the Austro-Hungarian presence in the Adriatic 1815-1918, history from a non-Croatian point of view. The two-storey display is filled with explanations of battles, model ships, uniforms and weapons. The well-crafted exhibits attempt to outline the area’s nautical tradition in as objective a way as a town on the sea can. The curator is an expert and adroit in multiple languages….

Nov-May 10am-noon, 5pm-midnight daily
Mlinska 1 More info

Technical Museum

…ire engines and a Dubrovnik tram from 1912. There’s also a small planetarium, flanked by a life-size model of an unmanned Soviet moon-roving vehicle, and a similarly true-to-life copy of the American Mercury programme space capsules of the early Sixties. The section dedicated to Nikola Tesla illustrates just how advanced this turn-of-the-century pioneer of electricity generation and radio transmission actually was. Daily demonstrations in h…

9am-5pm Tue-Fri; 9am-1pm Sat, Sun
Savska 18 More info

Baška Folk Museum

Showcasing the region’s artistic and ethnographic treasures including original folk costumes….

Summer: 5-10pm
Kralja Zvonimira 28, Baška More info

Croatian Architecture Museum

Founded in 1995, this useful resource houses thousands of items relating to Croatian architecture from the late 1800s to the present day, though has no permanent display. It occasionally hosts temporary exhibitions, lectures and discussions….

Varies according to event
I G Kovačića 37 More info

Dubrovnik: Attractions in the Old Town

…monastery, embellished with beautiful cloisters, houses what is claimed to be the world’s oldest pharmacy and a museum of religious artefacts. The best contemporary gallery is War Photo Limited, with changing exhibitions of of conflict photography from around the world, with one room devoted to the 1991-95 war in Croatia. Another modern attraction is the Visia Cinema just inside Pile Gate, which uses 3D films and hologram picture-shows to bring…

An icon returns

…something of a national icon since being salvaged from the sea floor near Lošinj island in 1999. As a depiction of a young sportsman in the act of washing after exercise, it embodies the idealised beauty that classical sculpture is famous for – and looks set to become a regular inclusion in the art-history books of the future. Currently on display at Zagreb’s Mimara Museum, the Apoxyomenos subsequently heads for the Paris Louvre, where it will b…