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Vlasta Delimar – To sam Ja. Photographs at the MSU

Vlasta Delimar, renowned for her bold performances and use of nudity in exploration of gender and womanhood, is the focus of this exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) in Zagreb. Since the late seventies, she has helped to define Croatian performance and multimedia art. Delimar herself will take up temporary residence in the gallery, and invite visitors to socialise with her….

Av. Dubrovnik 17, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia More info
mladen_stilinovic_an artist who can not...

Contemporary Art: Mladen Stilinović

…ember of the iconoclastic Group of Six (1975-79) Stilinović pioneered the idea of art as a frequently witty form of subversive activism that could embrace performances, happenings and urban interventions alongside more traditional forms of gallery-wall decoration. Like many Croatian artist of his generation, Stilinović has always made highly eloquent use of mundane materials and small gestures. One of his most famous comments on the state of cont…

Fashion: Silvio Vujičić

…irts for specific events and organizations. The biology that lies behind the creative act has long been a source of fascination for Vujičić the artist, and his installations frequently resemble a chemistry laboratory or a botanical research station. For 2006’s Perfume he set up a laboratory in the gallery and manufactured scents from the bodily secretions of the public. Vujičić’s 2012 installation Rosu/Like Blood for Zagreb’s Museum of Contempora…

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Miroslav Šutej
Critics choice

This is a big retrospective devoted to a big beast of the Croatian scene. Šutej (1936-2005) was one of the most visually appealing of Croatian artists, producing the kind of colorful, vibrant abstract paintings and sculptures that you were supposed to enjoy looking at. He never stopped exploring playful and intriguing op-art patterns and geometrical forms, and the superbly executed graphics of his later years look just as bold and fresh as his c…

Until Sept 22, 2013
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Contemporary Art: Vlasta Delimar

Very much the doyenne of Croatian performance artists, Vlasta Delimar’s actions constitute a frequently autobiographical exploration of family life, the female body and the role of nudity in urban space. Delimar has been charting her life through the medium of contemporary-art ritual ever since Wedding (1982), when Delimar and fellow artist Željko Jerman documented their marriage and presented it as a piece of performance art. Delimar is probabl…

Dancing to a different beat

…rk or Berlin. Even today, a large number of concert-goers will attend a gig simply because it has Škugor’s stamp of approval as the promoter. Škugor himself is cautious about claiming a taste-shaping role: ‘People in Zagreb have always appreciated Post-Punk and New Wave groups. Acts like Gang of 4, Joy Division and the Fall were always appreciated here. That helps to explain why contemporary currents in alternative-rock culture are so popul…

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Town Museum

Set in the 16th-century Gabrielis palace, this small but highly entertaining museum proudly unveiled its new English-language labelling in 2013. Pride of place on the ground floor belongs to ceramics dredged up from ancient Greek and Roman shipwrecks. There is also a replica of a fourth-century Greek tablet from Lumbarda, announcing the establishment of a Greek colony on the island. Among the knick-knacks upstairs are furnishings through the age…

July-Sept 9am-9pm daily. Apr-June 10am-2pm daily. Oct-Mar 10am-1pm daily
Trg svetog Marka, Korčula town More info

Homeland War Museum

The Homeland War is the Croatian term for the conflict of the 1990s that broke up Yugoslavia and gained Croatia its independence. The setting here is apt: a Napoleonic Fort, bravely defended by locals in 1991, now easily accessible by cablecar. Go straight up the two flights of stairs to the top terrace of the fortress in which the museum is housed and take in the view. The fort was built by the French in 1806-1812 then extended by the Austrians…

Summer 8am-10pm daily. Winter 9am-4pm daily
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Museum Lapidarium
Critics choice

Istria’s first purpose-built museum is a first-class example of how to successfully site modern glass-cube architecture within the context of an old town. Designed by award-winning architectural duo Rendić and Turato, the Lapidarium was built to house Novigrad’s small but impressive collection of archeological remains – mostly Romanesque stonework from medieval Istrian churches, although there is the odd Roman-era piece here as well. The Romanes…

June-Sept 10am-1pm, 6-10pm Tue-Sun. Oct-May 10am-1pm, 5-7pm Tue-Sun
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Archaelogical Museum of Istria

Many local Illyrian and Roman finds are on display here, a three-storey museum with English-language documentation. You’ll find jewellery, coins and weapons from Roman and medieval times, ceramics and fossils from pre-history, mosaics and sarcophagi….

Summer 9am-8pm Mon-Sat; 10am-3pm Sun. Winter 9am-3pm Mon-Fri
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Zadar Museum of Ancient Glass
Critics choice

…ections of ancient glassware outside Italy. The extensive collection contains every glass object imaginable, all of which have been retrieved from rich archaeological sites in Croatia (mostly from around Zadar), many of which have still to be fully excavated. Part of the display is given over to the history of the building including its conversion to a museum – but the focus is, of course, on the glass. Apart from the historical interest of the p…

Summer 9am-9pm daily. Winter 9am-4pm Mon-Sat
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Slavka Pavić: photographs at the Zagreb City Museum

An exhibition of the works of Slavka Pavić, one of the most important Croatian photographs of the late twentieth century; her first in a museum. Accompanying digital documentation explains her work in context….

Tues-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 11am-7pm; Sun 10am-2pm
Opatička 20, Zagreb More info