Rovinj: Things to see

…be seen inside the cathedral. Other sights worth spotting in town are the open-air market and the City Heritage Museum (Trg maršala Tita 11, 052 816 720,; open summer 9am-2pm, 7-10pm Tue-Sun, winter 9am-1pm Tue-Sat; 15kn), next to the Balbi Arch, the original town gate. The museum has some historical exhibits as well as contemporary art. Rovinj has a reputation as a home for artists – and galleries. Grisia, a stone-paved tho…


Design: Billić/Müller

Dora Bilić and Tina Müller have been an active partnership ever since their days at the design department of Zagreb’s architecture faculty in the early 2000s. They are now one of the highest-regarded visual-communication outfits in the country, working on a variety of graphic design and exhibition-design projects. As well as working on the gift shop at Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the partnership picked up a Croatian Designers’ Associati…

© Archaeological Museum of Zagreb

Archaeological museum

Established in 1846, the Archaeological Museum‘s extensive and well-labelled collection covers three floors, beginning with the Early Stone Age. The section on ancient Egypt includes sarcophagi, statues and jewellery: the 4th-century-BC Zagreb Mummy, wrapped in a shroud bearing rare Etruscan texts, is the museum’s coup de grâce and shouldn’t be missed. Other highlights include the Vučedol Dove, a 4,000-year-old ceramic vessel f…

10am-6pm Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat; 10am-8pm Thur; 10am-1pm Sun
Zrinjevac 19 More info

Icon Museum

Located down a narrow alley, the excellent Icon Museum contains religious images of mostly Cretan origin that ended up in Korčula when Christian forces evacuated ecclesiastical treasures from Aegean islands threatened by the Ottomans. A passageway leads from the museum to the 14th-century Church of All Saints….

July-Aug 10am-noon & 5-7pm daily
Trg svih svetih, Korčula town More info

Rupe Ethnographic Museum

…as where grain was stored in 15 large wells hewn from rock, coated with impermeable mortar. It held 1,200 tonnes of grain, the centre of the local food administration system, ensuring the rapidly rising population could all be fed. Grain was dried and aired in the upper floors then channelled down huge chutes to the stores below, then sold to the public. The Ethnographic Museum shows how locals used to live. This remit makes it more down to earth…

Summer 9am-6pm daily. Winter 9am-2pm Mon-Fri
Od Rupa More info
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Rijeka City Museum

Set in a pavilion alongside the Governor’s Palace – and thus alongside the History & Maritime Museum, making it a convenient first port of call for any first-time visitor to Rijeka – the two-floor City Museum comprises a modest permanent exhibition but stages a number of fascinating temporary ones. Recent subjects have included the development of the torpedo, the history of Rijeka harbour, and emigration from Central Europe to America…

10am-6pm Mon-Fri; 10am-1pm Sat
Muzejski trg 1/1, Rijeka More info

Croatian Natural History Museum

As important a scientific institute as it is a public attraction, this museum holds exhibits including rocks and minerals from around the globe, many on permanent display. Look out for the section on prehistoric Krapina man, one of the most significant of its kind. The zoological collection features the fauna of Croatia. There’s a botanical section and herbaria too. The museum also publishes the scientific journal ‘Natura Croatica…

10am-5pm Tue, Wed, Fri; 10am-8pm Thur; 10am-7pm Sat; 10am-1pm Sun
Demetrova 1 More info
© Dubrovnik Contemporary Gallery

Dubrovnik Contemporary Gallery

When you tire of all of the “I love Dubrovnik” t-shirts and refrigerator magnets, take a 10-minute stroll from the city walls to the Dubrovnik Contemporary Gallery, on the left-hand side of the road that leads to the Excelsior Hotel. This little gem features striking contemporary paintings by Croatian-American artist Selma Hafizovic Muller, who also exhibits in many galleries in New York. Her work is colourful, edgy: a welcome change from all th…

10-2pm, 5-9pm
Frana Supila 9 More info

Contemporary Art: Kristina Lenard

Initially known for her photographic work before recent forays into the world of the site-specific installation, Kristina Lenard (1975) has emerged to become one of the most compelling but also disquieting of Croatia’s contemporary artists. Her best known work is Still life, death makes all equal, exhibited in Zagreb’s Contemporary Art Museum in 2012, a lush, beautifully-composed arrangement of plants and fruit that looked like a classic still-l…


Architecture: Studio UP

Based in Zagreb but strongly associated with their native Split, Studio UP (Toma Plejić and Lea Pelivan) has a reputation for mixing architectural orthodoxy with intuitive, idiosyncratic methods. Legend has it that Plejić used to visit the planned location of future projects and make a cassette recording of how the site sounded rather than sketching the landscape or taking written notes. The studio’s biggest success to date has been the High Sch…

Zadar: Things to see

…orning markets; and the Port Gate, one of two Renaissance-era stone entrances to town that carry the carved Lion of Venice. The eastern end of the Old Town is centred on Narodni trg, surrounded by the Guard House and City Loggia, both original Renaissance structures built by the Venetians. The former is now rediscovering its role as the Ethnographic Museum, the exhibits slowly returning after wartime storage; the latter is an art gallery. Nearby…

Fashion: Silvio Vujičić

…irts for specific events and organizations. The biology that lies behind the creative act has long been a source of fascination for Vujičić the artist, and his installations frequently resemble a chemistry laboratory or a botanical research station. For 2006’s Perfume he set up a laboratory in the gallery and manufactured scents from the bodily secretions of the public. Vujičić’s 2012 installation Rosu/Like Blood for Zagreb’s Museum of Contempora…