Contemporary Art: Kontejner

…ce in 2002, 2005, 2008 & 2011) explores the impact of technologies on modern life and the human body; Device Art (2004, 2006, 2009 & 2012) juxtaposes frontiers-of-science gadgets with obsolete machines; while Extravagant Bodies (2007, 2010) deals with questions of art and disability. Kontejner events specialize in exploring the interface between art and play, and frequently resemble a hands-on science museum rather than an art gallery – a…

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Museum of Broken Relationships
Critics choice

Starting as a playfully ironic art installation and subsequently an international touring exhibition that become something of a global cult, the Museum of Broken Relationships has become Zagreb‘s prime visitor attraction since opening the doors of its permanent home in late 2010. Housed in one of the Upper Town’s finest Baroque mansions, the thematic display takes visitors through a series of different emotions associated with break-…

9am-10:30pm daily June-Sept. Oct-May 9am-9pm daily
Sv Ćirila i Metoda 2, Zagreb More info

Ferdinand Budicki Auto Museum

Ferdinand  Budicki  (1871-1951) was a pioneer of automobile culture in Croatia, opening the first car repair shop and dealership in the country. This museum, housed in a hangar-sized building just east of the  centre , celebrates  Budicki  and everything auto-related with an impressive array of cars and motorbikes. Most of the collection focuses on the post World-War-II period and as such functions very well as a museum of modern consumerism – a…

10am-7pm daily
Ljudevita Posavskog 48, Zagreb More info

Rijeka: Things to see

…n 20kn) contains modest exhibitions in a two-floor space. Overlooking these two buildings is the Natural History Museum (Lorenzov prolaz 1, 051 553 669; open 9am-7pm Mon-Sat, 9am-3pm Sun; 10kn), with a modest aquarium and a pleasant botanical garden outside. Frana Supila descends towards Trg republike Hrvatske, which contains the University Library, accommodating Rijeka’s renowned Modern & Contemporary Art Museum. The best time to visit is fo…

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Mimara Museum
Critics choice

When it comes to historical art collections, the Mimara is certainly Zagreb‘s biggest in terms of quantity. Donated to the city by wealthy patron Ante Topić Mimara, the collection includes paintings, statues and archaeological finds, organised chronologically and thematically but with little by way of English explanation. Highlights on the ground floor include oriental carpets, south-east Asian sculpture and Chinese porcelain, while the pi…

Open July-Sept 10am-7pm Tue-Fri; 10am-5pm Sat; 10am-2pm Sun. Oct-June 10am-5pm Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat; 10am-7pm Thur; 10am-2pm Sun.
Rooseveltov trg 5 More info

Zagreb: Things to see – further afield

Across the Sava river spread the suburbs of Novi Zagreb, a collection of utilitarian post-war housing blocks without the charm of the city’s Habsburg hub. The most notable new magnet to the area is the Museum of Contemporary Art, which opened its doors in December 2009 after years of development and construction. Further afield, Jarun is a recreational lake and park by the Sava, on tram route No.17 south-west of Jelačić. Built for the World Stud…

Contemporary Art: Sanja Iveković

…ver a subversive message: Gen XX from 1997 superimposed texts about anti-fascist heroines from World War II onto contemporary advertising images of alluring, expensively clad fashion models. One of her more emotionally engaging works is Women’s House (1998-2002; currently visible in Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art), which consists of a crowd of plaster-cast face masks of women who have suffered domestic violence. Arguably Iveković’s most icon…

Destination Zagreb

…enija. Shopping and art A large proportion of Zagreb’s population still lives in the functionalist modern chunks of grey concrete thrown up during the Sixties and Seventies in areas like Novi Zagreb, the sprawling suburb that lies south of the River Sava. It’s here that the new energies shaping the city are at their most manifest. Zagreb’s most visited shopping centre, Avenue Mall, stands diagonally opposite the Museum of Contemporary Art (or MSU…

Contemporary Art: Igor Grubić

…whole year of 2008 to his work 366 Degrees of Liberation, a series of actions undertaken to mark the anniversary of the student revolutions of 1968. Grubić’s interventions ranged from riding a bicycle through the early morning streets with a red flag, to pouring red dye into the fountains outside the Croatian National Bank to mark George W Bush’s visit to Zagreb in April 2008. Grubić was awarded Croatia’s T-HT prize for contemporary art in 2010,…


Places: Močvara

…e attractions, hosting film nights, art happenings, literary evenings and a lot more besides. “This was the kind of programme that other institutions in the city should have been offering to young people but were totally failing to deliver” says Močvara co-founder Kornel Šeper. “So we had to make it ourselves.” Močvara’s art programme has been a particular success, hosting many of the key names in Croatian contemporary art over the last ten years…

Narona Archaeological Museum

…e of  Narona ,   the Roman  town and trading hub whose remains are mostly submerged beneath the  modern  village of Vid .  A  first-century temple at the heart of  Narona  was discovered in the mid-1990s, and  a  museum was built to cover the site of the excavations, complete with the mosaics and statues that were found at the spot. A sleek grey box containing metal stairways and see-through floors, the museum is certainly a n   object lesson   i…

Mid June to mid Sept 9am-7pm Tues-Sun; mid-Sept to mid-June 9am-4pm Tues-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat, 9am-1pm Sun.
Vid, near Metković More info

Dražen Petrović Museum

Opened in the summer of 2006 on the ground floor of the Cibona Tower, this museum is dedicated to Croatia’s greatest athlete. Dražen Petrović captained Zagreb team Cibona to multiple European championships, won three Olympic medals and became the first Croat to play in the NBA. In 1993, he died in a car accident, aged 28. He was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame a decade later. The museum houses most of his trophies, medals and memora…

10am-5pm Mon-Fri
Trg Dražena Petrovića 3 More info