Dubrovnik: Getting there and around

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    © Vanda Vucicevic/Time Out

    © Vanda Vucicevic/Time Out

Dubrovnik airport is located 22 kilometres south-east of town, down the coast at Čilipi.

Regular buses (30mins, 35kn) meet every scheduled flight, first stopping near the Pile Gate before going on to the bus station, five kilometres west of the Old Town at Kantafig. Buses from the bus station to the airport don’t pass via Pile Gate – the stop at the Cablecar terminal on Petar Krešimir IV is the nearest one to the Old Town.

A taxi costs about 250kn, nearer to 350kn if you’re at a hotel on the Lapad or Babin Kuk headland. Call one on 970.

Dubrovnik has no train link. The nearest main station is in Split, four-and-a-half hours away by bus.

Half-a-dozen services arrive daily from Zagreb (ten hours); buses from Split (4.5 hours) are more regular.Remember to keep your passport handy as you pass through a 5km-long chunk of Bosnia-Hercegovina on the way.

All the main ferries and catamarans arrive at Gruž harbour. The ferry from Bari in southern Italy runs 6 days a week in summer, twice a week in winter, leaving around 10pm, arriving in Dubrovnik around 7am the next day.

Libertas city buses link Gruž, Babin kuk, Lapad and Ploče to the Old Town. Buy a ticket (10kn) at any newsstand or in exact change (12kn) from the driver. Gruž is a deceptively long walk to and from town – allow 30 minutes and don’t count on easily making it by taxi if you’re running late. Although there are cabs aplenty at the Pile Gate, the road to Gruž is always busy and often gridlocked. Taxis start at 25kn and charge 8kn per km – expect a 50kn-70kn bill for Gruž. Bus Nos.1A, 3 and 8 do the same journey.