Restaurant Moreška

Moreška is the restaurant of the recommended Hotel Korsal and mixes traditional local food with international dishes. Take a table on the sea view terrace and enjoy their impressive wine selection. 

7am-midnight daily.
Šetalište Frana Kršinića 80 More info

Caffe Bar Academia

Small bar with terrace, occasional live music. 

Caffe Arula

Tiny café near Plokata Square offering cakes, pastries, and ice cream. Try the potica, sweet dough rolled with layers of walnut paste.

Plokata 19, Korčula Town More info

Cocktail Bar Tramonto

Located on a separate terrace to the Tramonto restaurant this is a good place in the Old Town to watch the sunset over a (strong) cocktail.

Ismaeli 12 , Korčula More info

Maksimilijan Garden Lounge & Beach Bar
Critics choice

Maksimilijan is a very pleasant 5-10 minute waterside wander from the Old Town and one of the very best spots in Korcula Town to enjoy the sunset. On arrival you’ll find friendly, relaxed staff and (depending on the time of day and season) something resembling the fledgling signs of what could become Korcula Town’s first…

10am-2am daily.
Sv. Nikola b.b., Korčula Town More info

Restaurant Aborda

Marina restaurants in Croatia vary enormously in quality. You’ll be ok at Aborda. It’s large shaded terrace offers space to relax; especially pleasant after dining in some of the more packed restaurants in the Old Town; and service is good (though we’ve heard of occasional exceptions). A good place to try goat. A good place…

Vl. Zlatan Botica, ACI Marina, Korčula More info

Buffet Kolenda

Set just off the main square, Kolenda isn’t a bad spot for a light snack and refuelling drink.

Hrvatske bratske zajednice 44, Korčula Town More info

Konoba Nona

Nona specialises in traditional Dalmatian food with an emphasis on seafood. 

12am-12pm daily.
Šetalište F Kršinića 119, Korčula Town More info

Konoba Mareta

Mareta goes that little bit further than most Konobas (vegetables from a local eco-farm, wide selection of regional wines…) and the attention to detail has paid off; it’s deservedly popular (consider a dinner reservation in high season) at least in part due to it’s friendly service. The menu includes the classics (steak, grilled lamb, fish,…

12am-12pm daily.
Ulica sv. Roka, Korčula Town More info

Konoba Ježina

If your time on Korčula was longer than the average tourist you’d probably eat here several times. It’s simple, tasty and different to many nearby places. Located just out of the Old Town near the bus station in an area where locals and tourists seem more evenly distributed it’s well worth the short walk for…

Šetalište Frana Kršinića 38, Korčula Town More info

Buffet Pizzeria Amfora

Despite Pizzeria being so prominent in the name Amfora’s menu has diversified to include mussels and chips, wok shrimps and grilled sea bass. Nestled in the walls of the Old Town Amfora’s quality and service can vary in the highest of high season (as it can in many places) but it’s generally friendly, unpretentious and…

Ulica od Teatra 4, Korčula Old Town More info

Buffet Leut

A relaxed place with fair prices that’s become fairly established. Leut opens early for breakfast and stays open for coffee, sandwiches and pizza, taken in or taken-away. Leut is not trying to do anything special but does the basics well.

7am-10:45pm daily.
Hrvatske bratske zajednice 33, Korčula Town More info